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2019年高考高考真题和高考模拟题分项版汇编专题06七选五(英语 解析版).doc

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2019年高考高考真题和高考模拟题分项版汇编专题06七选五英语 解析版 2019 年高 高考 模拟 题分项版 汇编 专题 06 七选五 英语 解析
一、2019年高考真题 1. 【2019·全国卷I】根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 Is Fresh Air Really Good for You?We all grew up hearing people tell us to “go out and get some fresh air.” ____36____ According to recent studies,the answer is a big YES,if the air quality in your camping area is good.___37___ If the air you’re breathing is clean-which it would be if you’re away from the smog of cities-then the air is filled with life-giving,energizing oxygen. If you exercise out of doors,your body will learn to breathe more deeply,allowing even more oxygen to get to your muscles(肌肉)and your brain.Recently,people have begun studying the connection between the natural world and healing(治愈). _____38_____ In these places patients can go to be near nature during their recovery. It turns out that just looking at green,growing things can reduce stress,lower blood pressure,and put people into a better mood(情绪).Greenery is good for us. Hospital patients Who see tree branches out their window are likely to recover at a faster rate than patients who see buildings or sky instead. ______39______ It gives us a great feeling of peace.___40___While the sun's rays can age and harm our skin, they also give is beneficial Vitamin D. To make sure you get enough Vitamin D—but still protect your skin— put on sunscreen right as you head outside. It takes sunscreen about fifteen minutes to start working, and that's plenty of time for your skin to absorb a day's worth of Vitamin D.A. Fresh air cleans our lungs.B. So what are you waiting for?C. Being in nature refreshes us.D. Another side benefit of getting fresh air is sunlight.E. But is fresh air really as good for you as your mother always said?F. Just as importantly, we tend to associate air with health care.G. All across the country, recovery centers have begun building Healing Gardens.【语篇解读】这是一篇说明文。文章介绍了新鲜空气的好处:新鲜空气中的氧气,阳光对人们的身心健康均有好处。人们已经开始利用大自然和治愈疾病的关系,建造“康复花园”,治疗病人了。36.E根据下一句中的“the answer is a big YES”可知,该空应该是一个一般疑问句,选项中只有E选项是一般疑问句。故选E:但是新鲜空气真得像你母亲说的那样对你有好处吗?空前的people tell us to “go out and get some fresh air”和选项中的“your mother always said”亦是呼应。37.A 根据下一句中提到的“If the air you’re breathing is clean…the air is filled with life-giving, energizing oxygen”可知,新鲜空气充满赋予人生命的,充满活力的氧气。下文中“…breathe more deeply, allowing more oxygen to get to your muscles and your brain”是对前文的递进:在户外,更多的氧气进入你的肌肉和大脑。根据前面的分析可以推知,该空应该提到新鲜空气的基本作用,根据常识,我们知道吸入的空气首先进入的是肺部,然后才会使我们的肌肉和大脑受益,故该空应选A选项:新鲜空气清洁我们的肺部。38.G 根据下一句中提到的“these places”可以推知,该空应该提到表示地点的复数名词。选项中只有G选项提到该类名词,故选项G:在全国,康复中心已经开始建造“康复花园”。these places就是指Healing Gardens。39.C 前文介绍的是“康复花园”中的绿色植物对于病人康复的好的作用:绿色的正在成长的植物可以减轻压力,降低血压,使人情绪良好。空后提到“它给我们一种平和感”。该空起承上启下的作用,仍然要提到处于“康复花园”这种自然环境中的好处,空后的it也要指代这种情况。故C选项切题:身处大自然可以使人精神焕发。40.D 根据下文中提到的“the sun’s rays…give us beneficial Vitamin D”可知,该段介绍的阳光的好处。故该选项应该提到阳光。选项中只有D选项涉及阳光。故选D:获得新鲜空气的另一个好处是阳光。2. 【2019·全国卷II】根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。Imagine a child standing on a diving board four feet high and asking himself the question:“Should I jump? This is what motivation or the lack of it can do. Motivation and goal setting are the two sides of same coin. ___36___Like the child on the diving board, you will stay undecided.___37___ More than that, how should you stay motivated to achieve the goal? First, you need to evaluate yourself , your values your strengths, your weaknesses, your achievements, your desires ,etc. Only then should your you’re your goalsYou also need to judge the quality and depth of your motivation. This is quite important, because it is directly related to your commitment. There are times when your heart is not in your work. ___38___ So, slow down and think what you really want to do at that moment. Clarity(清晰)of thoughts can help you move forward.Another way of setting realistic goals is to analyze your short and long term objectives, keeping in mind your beliefs, values and strengths. Remember that goals are flexible.____39____ They also need to be measurable. You must keep these points in mind while setting your goals.Your personal circumstances are equally important. For example, you may want to be a Pilot but can’t become one because your eyesight is not good enough.____40____You should reassess your goals, and motivate yourself to set a fresh goal.You will surely need to overcome some difficulties, some planned, but most unplanned. You cannot overcome them without ample motivation. Make sure that you plan for these difficulties at the time of setting your goals.A. This can affect your work.B. So how should you motivate yourself?C. However, this should not discourage you.D. So why should we try to set specific goals?E. They can change according to circumstances.F. Motivation is what you need most to do a good job.G. Without motivation you can neither set a goal nor reach it 【语篇解读】这是一篇说明文。文章作者对于怎样设定具体目标,给出了一些方法。36.G 上文说“动机和目标设定是同一枚硬币的两面”。下文说“就像孩子在跳水台,难以决定”。该空承上启下,G选项“没有目标,你就既不能设定目标,也无法实现它”切题,故选G。37.B 下文说“不仅如此,你应该如何为实现你的目标保持积极性”。该空引出下文,B选项“那么你应该如何激励自己呢”切题,故选B。38.A 上文说“有时候你的心不在工作上”,下文说“所以,减慢速度,想一想那时候,你到底想干什么”。该空承上启下,A选项“这会影响你的工作”切题,故选A。39.E上文说“记得,目标是灵活的”。该空承接上文,E选项“它们会根据环境的改变而改变”切题,故选E。40.C 上文说“你可能想当一名飞行员,但是不能成为一名飞行员,因为你的视力不够好。”下文说“你应该重新评估你的目标,并且设定一个新的目标”。该空承上启下,C选项“然而,这也不要使你沮丧”切题,故选C。3. 【2019·全国卷III】根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。In an online class, developing healthy patterns of communication with professors is very important. ___36___ While I have only listed two of each, there are obviously many other situations that can arise. Students should be able to extend the logic(逻辑)of each to their particular circumstance.Do's• ___37___ Questions about subject content are generally welcomed. Before asking questions about the course design, read the syllabus(教学大纲)and learning management system information to be sure the answer isn't hiding in plain sight.• Participate in discussion forums(论坛), blogs and other open-ended forums for dialogue. ___38___ Be sure to stay on topic and not offer irrelevant information. Make a point, and make it safe for others to do the same.Don'ts• Don't share personal information or stories. Professors are not trained nurses, financial aid experts or your best friends. If you are in need of a deadline extension, simply explain the situation to the professor. ___39___• Don't openly express annoyance at a professor or class. ___40___ When a student attacks a professor on the social media, the language used actually says more about the student. If there is truly a concern about a professor's professionalism or ability, be sure to use online course evaluations to calmly offer your comments.A. That's what they are for.B. Turn to an online instructor for help.C. If more information is needed, they will ask.D. Remember that online professors get a lot of emails.E. Below are some common do's and don' ts for online learners.F. Everyone has taken a not-so-great class at one time or another.G. Ask questions, but make sure they are good, thoughtful questions.【语篇解读】本文为说明文。在网络课堂上,与教授建立健康的交流模式是非常重要的,作者在文中列举了一些规矩与禁忌。36.E根据文章段落结构和本段首句In an online class, developing healthy patterns of communication with professors is very important,可知,在网络课堂上,与教授建立健康的交流模式是非常重要的,作者在下文中列举了一些规矩与禁忌,故选项E符合语境。37.G根据其后一句Questions about subject content are generally welcomed.(与课程内容相关的问题是受欢迎的),解释了什么样的问题是好问题,可知,与G项“make sure they are good, thoughtful questions”相呼应,要提一些好的令人深思的问题,故选G。38.A根据前一句 Participate in discussion forums(论坛), blogs and other open-ended forums for dialogue.可知,要参与论坛讨论、博客和其他开放式的对话论坛。而这正是网络课堂采用的交流的途径,故选A。39.C根据本段Professors are not trained nurses, financial aid experts or your best friends教授不是训练有素的护士,不是经济援助专家,也不是你最好的朋友,可知,不要分享个人信息或故事,如果他们需要更多信息的话,他们会主动问起的,故选项C符合语境。40.F通读本段,并根据本段主题句Don’t openly express annoyance at a professor or class.告诫读者,每个人都可能曾经上过不太好的课,不要在社交媒体上攻击教授,不要公开表达对教授或班级的不满,要利用课程评价冷静地提出你的意见。选项F符合上下文语境。4. 【2019·北京卷】根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。Much of the work in today’s world is accomplished(完成)in teams. Most people believe the best way to build a great team is to gather a group of the most talented individuals._____46_____Companies spend millions hiring top business people. Is their money well spent?___47___They focused on football,basketball and baseball. The results are mixed For football and basketball,adding talented players to a team proves a good method,but only up to the point where 70% of the players are top talent;above that level, the team’s performance begins to decline. Interestingly,this trend isn’t evident in baseball. where additional individual talent keeps improving the team’s performance.To explain this phenomenon,the researchers explored the degree to which a good performance by a team requires its members to coordinate(协调)their actions.______48______In baseball,the performance of individual players is less dependent on teammates. They conclude that when task interdependence is high,team performance will suffer when there is too much talent,while individual talent will have positive effects on team performance when task interdependence is lower. If a basketball star is. for example,trying to gain a high personal point total,he may take a shot himself when it would be better to pass the ball to a teammate,affecting the team's performance. Young children learning to play team sports are often told,“There is no I in TEAM.”___49___Another possibility is that when there is a lot of talent on a team,some players may make less effort. Just as in a game of tug-of-war(拔河比赛),whenever a person is added,everyone else pulls the rope with less force.___50___.An A-team may require a balance-not just A players,but a few generous B players as well.A. It's not a simple matter to determine the nature of talent.B. Sports team owners spend millions of dollars attracting top talentC. The group interaction and its effect drew the researchers' attention.D. Stars apparently do not follow this basic principle of sportsmanship.E. Several recent studies examined the role of talent in the sports world.F. Building up a dream team is more complex than simply hiring the best talent.G. This task interdependence distinguishes baseball from football and basketball.【语篇解读】这是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。文章主要讲了建立一支最佳阵容球队比简单地雇佣最优秀的人才要复杂得多。一支一流球队可能需要一种平衡——不仅仅是最好球员,也需要一些优雅量的普通球员。46.B上文说“大多数人相信建立一个伟大团队的最好方法就是聚集一群最有天赋的人个人”。下文说“公司花费数百万雇佣顶级商业人士。”该空承上启下,也是在举例,B选项“运动队老板花费数百万美元吸引顶尖人才。”切题,故选B。47.E下文说“他们专注于足球、篮球和篮球。结果有好有坏。”该空引出下文,E选项“最近的几项研究调查了体育世界中人才的作用。”切题,故选E。48.G上文说“为了解释这一现象,研究人员探索了一场好的表现要求队员们协调他们行动的程度”,下文说明了研究结果,该空承上启下,G选项“这项任务的相互依赖性使棒球区别于足球和篮球。”切题,故选G。49.D上文说了“一个球星为了个人得分,而影响团队的表现”,该空承接上文,D选项“球星显然没有遵守运动员精神的基本原则”切题,故选D。50.F下文说“一支一流球队可能需要一种平衡——不仅仅是最好球员,也需要一些优雅量的普通球员。”该空引出下文,F选项“建立一支最佳阵容球队比简单地雇佣最优秀的人才要复杂得多。”切题,故选F。5. 【2019·浙江卷】根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。Rock music consists of many different styles. Even though there is a common spirit among all music groups, they make very different music. ___31___ At that time the Beatles entered the world of music from Liverpool.After they were given an invitation to appear live on BBC, the Beatles quickly became famous in Britain with nationwide tours. By mid-1963, the Beatles had been extremely popular in England. ___32___ They held large concerts and performed at clubs. They became the hottest thing on the pop music scene in England. They began as a modestly successful musician group and ended the year as show business legends(传说). John Lennon and Paul McCartney were named composers of the year.___33___ They were not sure how the Americans would react to the new type of music. Beatlemania hit New York on February 7, 1964. Hundreds of fans jammed the airport to greet them. ___34___ The concert was broadcast live and attracted the largest one night audience in the history of television up to that time. The Beatles were described as a British invasion(入侵)by local and nationwide newspapers at that time. Their victory in America was still remembered as a major turning point in the history of rock and roll. Thanks to the Beatles, a lot of opportunities were opened up to new faces on the market. ___35___A. They decided on a tour to the United States in 1964.B. Even their hairstyles became major trends at that time.C. Rock music developed in the 1950s and the early 1960s.D. However, their songs changed the lives of generations to come.E. Many rock bands were able to follow in the footsteps of the Beatles.F. They appeared in the films A Hard Day's Night(1964)and Help!(1965).G. They performed their first concert in America at CBS television's 53rd street studio.【语篇解读】本文是一篇说明文。文中讲述了披头士的发展和影响,引领了一种潮流趋势。31. C第一段讲述摇滚音乐,根据空后的at that time可知前句提到了时间,而且与rock music有关,选项中只有C 项讲的是摇滚音乐,并且讲述了其发展的时间,故选C。32. B空前后都是讲述披头士的出名程度,根据空前extremely popular in England, 以及后文的they became the hottest thing可知此处描述了他们的影响,选项B (甚至他们的发型在那时也成为了一种潮流)符合文意,且关键词even是一个提示,故选B。33.A 根据空后They were not sure how the Americans would react to the new type of music.(他们不确定美国人怎样反应),可知他们首次来美国演出,所以A项(决定首次到美国开巡回演出)符合文意,故选A。34. G根据空后The concert was broadcast live…可知前句中应该出现concert,选项G中的关键词their first concert 前后呼应。故选G。35. E根据空前(由于披头士,市场上出现了很多机会),E项(很多新乐队(新面孔)都是模仿披头士),符合逻辑。故选E。二、2019届模拟题1.山东省淄博市2019届高三部分学校5月阶段性诊断(二模)考试 Living to the ripe old age of 90 may depend on your body size—both height and weight—as well as your level of physical activity,and geeing to influence a woman’s lifespan more than it does a man’s.The study found women who lived to 90 were,on average,taller and had put on less weight since the age of 20 as compared to women who were shorter and heavier.1. However,men saw more benefit from physical activity than women.In 1986 researchers asked over 7,000 Norwegian men and women between age 55 and 69 about their height,current weight,and weight at age 20.Both genders also told researchers about their current physical activities.2. The men and women were then sorted into daily activity quotas:less than 30 minutes,30 to 60 minutes,and 90 minutes or more.Men and women in the study fared very differently when it came to the impact of body size and exercise.Women who weighed less at age 20 and put on less weight as they aged were more likely to live longer than heavier women.3. The study found women who were taller than 5 feet 9 inches were 31%more likely to live into their 90s than women who were less than 5 feet 3 inches.4. Men who spent 90 minutes a day or more being active were 39%more likely to live to 90 than men who were physically active for less than 30 minutes.However,women who were physically active for more than 60 minutes a day were only 21%more likely to live to 90 than those who did 30 minutes or less.And unlike men,there was no bonus for increasing activity.5.A. Height played a major factor.B. No such association was seen for men.C. The study was observational and couldn’t establish cause.D. In fact,the study found that the optimal level of a
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